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No the only thing you need to do is apply with a picture of yourself and government ID just so we can verify you, You dont need any video requirements

No. This is copyright and is illegal they will be removed or de-monetized

This is done manually by a member of the Cloudular team and can take up to 3 days to be done but where possible we aim to get this done within 24 hours

Yes. We ask that you make a video file as small as possible but yes any file size is fine

Yes 3 ways, Video Rental System, Donation Buttons on all Videos, Video Sales

Absolutely not, You can post as much content as you like each day/week/month we know some other companies limit this but we dont

Yes, All Cloudular products offer a free subscription in one way or another, Wether it is a free package or a free trial

No, You cant see any personal/private information of a user on your website with screen recordings you can only see a users movements within your website

A very basic version of ClouduLytics, No session replays or heatmaps, You just get normal stats and goal tracking

No it is just an option we added to allow people to see simplified analytics. In-depth session replays, heatmaps and all that stuff isnt for everyone and Cloudular want to cater for everyone

Its not, We appreciate when you see something for sale online for £36 per month it seems a lot but this is unlimited everything including session replays which use a lot of storage and bandwidth, A close competitor charges over £899

A session replay is essentially a screen recording of someone using your website, It doesnt, however, record sensitive info like Email Addresses, Usernames, Passwords, Credit Card Details etc. It is a way to see how people use your website and what works

A heatmap is a screenshot of a page with heat icons on top of it where people have clicked, Showing popular buttons on certain pages, Like this image here https://cldr.uk/CdTG

The link you put in the leap link section will be the new destination of your biolink, For example put example.com as your leap link cloudulink.com/mybiolink will take you to example.com, Hope this helps

A deep link is a link internally in an app or a program rather than just a website

On certain paid plans yes you can

On all Cloudular services where we offer a lifetime plan it is our yearly plan x3 so you pay for 3 years and get it forever

Yes, In your dashboard once you have created a project you can click create a link then it will give you the option of BioLink Page or Shortened Link

Yes and will be forever

The best way to see our coupons is to follow @Cloudular on Facebook & Instagram, @Cloudular_co on twitter, We share everything there ❤️... oh you can email coupon@cloudular.co too but you didnt hear that here ????

No we use DirectAdmin, Very similar to cPanel in terms of how it looks and the layout but it just looks a lot more modern and is faster